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Yacht Flag Registration
San Morino Flag

San Morino Yacht Registration

In 2002, San Marino became a Member State of IMO, further solidifying its already high reputation within the global maritime community. Now with a brand new ship register launched in 2021, registering your vessel in San Marino is fast, efficient and hassle-free, with a mere two working days required to complete the process. The registration for private yachts remains valid for five years, while San Marino’s delegation to the IMO and presence in numerous countries demonstrate its continued commitment to providing excellent service to clients. Located in Europe but not bound to EU regulations, San Marino offers an ideal location for ships traversing the Mediterranean. Choose San Marino for your next yacht registration and sail with confidence knowing you’re backed by a top-notch flag state.

Flag of Poland

Polish Yacht Registration

Up to 24 Meters Private & Commercial Vessels

Experience the convenience of using the Polish boat registration right away with our provisional registration service, available within 2 working days. This registration is an affordable and sought-after choice for boats up to 24 meters in length. With a lifetime registration and no renewals required, registering your boat, yacht, or jet ski in Poland is a smart move. As a full European Union member, the Polish boat registration is a popular choice for pleasure craft owners, operators, charters, and private yacht owners.

But did you know that it’s also available for commercial yacht owners, at the same price as a pleasure boat registration? Plus, for private yacht owners, no yacht survey is required – a huge advantage that saves you money.

Flag of Gibraltar

Gibraltar Boat Registration

The Gibraltar boat registration is an internationally recognized top class boat registration and comes with a Gibraltar AIS & MMSI radio license. This type of boat registration can be used worldwide without restrictions. So inside and outside the EU. A Gibraltar boat registration can also be used for commercial boats.

Flag of Panama

Panama Yacht Registration

Are you ready to register your yacht for smooth sailing with ease? Look no further than the Panama yacht registration, one of the world’s most popular choices. Thanks to its location near the crucial Panama Canal, Panama has been a maritime hot spot for over 73 years. What sets it apart? Not only does it offer a range of registration options for ships and yachts, but it’s also Paris MoU Whitelisted, making customs a breeze. Choose Panama for a flawless registration experience.

Dutch Flag

Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief Registration

We appreciate your interest in registering for the Dutch Worldwide Zeebrief. The highest level of boat registration available in The Netherlands is this one. Your boat or yacht will officially be a Dutch citizen thanks to this boat registration. It is issued in the name of our head of state, the King of the Netherlands, by the Dutch Ministry of Transport and the Dutch government. Your boat or yacht can sail to any country in the world, giving you a warm welcome, without any problems, with this official and excellent yacht registration.

UK Flag

UK Part 1 Registration

You will be able to fly the British flag from your boat or yacht if you have a UK Part 1 Yacht Registration. The most prestigious boat registration in the entire world is this one. Nearly all international nautical authorities rate this boat registration as Class AA. In addition, the British flag is well-known and respected.

After Brexit, you can still use your UK part 1 registration in any EU member state without any issues. There will be no restrictions on pleasure yachts with a UK Part 1 registration once Brexit is complete. It is legal everywhere in the world. After some time has passed, you are not required to leave the EU. The 18-month rule does not apply to anything other than VAT. If the VAT has not been paid for a yacht you can avoid VAT payment by leaving the EU for one day and come back later. The 18-month rule is not related to the type of registration.

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