Tax Free Spare Parts & Goods

Yacht spare parts, equipments and all other goods ordered from another country by foreign flag yachts located in Turkey are subject to high import taxes if not properly handled by a professional customs clearance agent. Even if you use the best courier companies such us Fedex, TNT, UPS, in case the shipment is not properly and timely invoiced by the supplier, they will not be able to deliver your goods  to the final destination even if you have paid the delivery.

Gala Yacht Agency handles delivery of spare parts and other equipment for yachts from the order date to the final delivery smoothly and in the most cost effective way to prevent you paying VAT tax in supplier country and import tax in Turkey. 

We can search, locate and supply any spare parts or equipment requested by a foreign flag yacht and provide the best price VAT free including the delivery and customs formalities.

If yacht owners or captains want us only to deal with customs formalities and delivery of your shipments, we can do it efficiently and at a reasonable price.

Important Information:

  • Please contact us before you place your orders with us if you are planning to pay the supplier directly.
  • We will provide you with the invoice address, delivery address and notification address related to your order, containing information of yacht owner, yacht’s location, handling agency information in a proper format.
  • We can always find the most efficient way to handle clearance and delivery of the spare parts and equipment which you ordered with us, despite the country of supplier.

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